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Support Is Mutual for Senator and Utah Industry

Xango Senator Orrin G. Hatch visited the headquarters of the Xango company, which makes a $40-a-bottle juice made from a Southeast Asian fruit called the mangosteen. By ERIC LIPTON Published: June 20, 2011 SALT LAKE CITY — A drive along mountain-lined Interstate 15 here shows why Senator Orrin G. Hatch is considered a hero in this region nicknamed … Continue reading


Adherence to complex regimens is often poor in patients with diabetes and chronic kidney disease (DKD). Interventions to enhance adherence require both intensive education and behavioural counselling. This review looked for randomised trials (RCTs) comparing education programmes with other strategies in patients with DKD. Only two studies involving patients with DKD were identified. Although education … Continue reading

Nutritional supplement business flexes its muscles

Mary Leeds and Donnie Tanner consider themselves a fairly good representation of the demographic they expect their new Grand Junction business to serve. Leeds competes in fitness events, while Tanner maintains a hectic schedule as a crop duster, farmer and volunteer fireman. That’s not to mention their responsibilities as parents. The two say the nutritional … Continue reading