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Sorting out ‘sleep hygiene’

Lifestyle, particularly your sleeping habits, have a big impact on your quality of sleep. Addressing so-called ‘sleep hygiene’ should be the first step in any treatment of insomnia.

Sleep hygiene is a list of lifestyle dos and don’ts. It has proved to be effective in stopping insomnia from getting worse, and making it easier to benefit from further treatment.

“It’s a useful first step in treatment, and sends the important message that behaviour and lifestyle choices can influence sleep quality,” says Professor Morgan.

Habits such as drinking too many caffeine-based drinks (including coffee, tea and some energy drinks) or exercising too close to bedtime will affect your sleep.

“If you have a sleep problem, it’s worth looking at your personal habits. It could be that your sleep is being ruined by your regular expresso before bed,” says Professor Morgan.

“Sleep is fragile,” he says. “You’ve got to look after it.”



Excerpt from: “Sleeping pills”. NHS UK



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