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Resveratrol and diabetic cardiac function: focus on recent in vitro and in vivo studies.

Department of Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey. belma.turan@medicine.ankara.edu.tr Abstract Resveratrol, a natural phytoalexin found in wine has the potential to impact a variety of human diseases. Resveratrol like other polyphenols activates many of the same intracellular pathways as those activated by caloric restriction. It can quench reactive oxidative species, ROS and induce … Continue reading

A patent review of sirtuin activators: an update.

Departamento de Biología Celular, Fisiología e Inmunología, Facultad de Ciencias, Campus Universitario de Rabanales, Universidad de Córdoba, Spain. Abstract INTRODUCTION: Reversible acetylation is a key post-translational modification of target proteins. Sirtuin deacetylases represent the homolog of the yeast silent information regulator (SIR2). Although seven sirtuins have been found in mammals, all sirtuin activators described to … Continue reading

Chinese herbal medicine breaks into EU market

A traditional herbal medicinal product manufactured in China has for the first time been given the go-ahead for sale in Europe, under the continent’s strict new laws to ensure the safety and quality of herbal products. Around 350 herbal medicines so far are licensed for sale in Europe under the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD), which came … Continue reading


High blood pressure is a major health problem as it is one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Fermented milk has been suggested to reduce blood pressure in humans. This review was conducted to establish whether the intake of fermented milk lowers blood pressure in humans. In 15 studies including 1232 participants a … Continue reading


Obesity (body mass index of more than 30 kg/m2) and overweight (body mass index of 25 to less than 30 kg/m2) are increasingly important public health issues, and contribute to serious health problems and extensive economic costs worldwide. Body mass index is a common measure used in classifying overweight and obesity in adult populations and … Continue reading


Flavanols found in cocoa have been associated with blood pressure lowering properties due to their stimulation of nitric oxide dependent vasodilation. In this review we assessed the effect of cocoa products on blood pressure in adults when consumed daily for a minimum of two weeks. Meta-analysis of 20 studies involving 856 mainly healthy participants revealed … Continue reading

Vitamin Supplements ‘One of the Safest Industries’: GNC CEO

By: Margo D. Beller Special to CNBC.com The vitamin supplements industry is “one of the safest industries that exist,” despite lack of Food and Drug Administration oversight of its products, GNC Holdings CEO Joseph Fortunato told CNBC Tuesday. “We hope GNC leads the way” for the industry with its own good manufacturing practices, Fortunato added.”There have been roughly … Continue reading

A Healthy Deal for Airborne

  BY KEVIN ROOSE   A schoolteacher invented it. Oprah raved about it. Cold-stricken customers and hypochondriacs flocked to it. Skeptics said it was nothing more than snake oil in pill form. And now, the herbal supplement maker Airborne has made its owners a very healthy profit. Schiff Nutrition International agreed to buy Airborne, which is … Continue reading